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Police and attorneys advise Lewinsky to stay out of sight

Monica Lewinsky, advised by police and her attorneys against an afternoon stroll, appealed through a friend Saturday for "a little bit of room just like Mr. Starr and Mr. Clinton get."

While the young woman at the center of the White House fire-storm craved freedom, White House officials signaled alarm over a published report in which President Clinton's long-time friend, Vernon Jordan, appeared to be distancing himself from the president.Whitewater independent prosecutor Kenneth Starr's investigation of whether Jordan and Clinton conspired to cover up the president's alleged affair with Lewinsky, 24, has put the former White House intern under intense scrutiny by prosecutors and the news media. While in Washington, she has been confined to shuttling - under the watchful eye of staked-out news cameras - between her lawyers' offices and her mother's apartment in the Watergate complex.

On Saturday, she had hoped to take a walk in downtown Washington for coffee and maybe some window-shopping along Connecticut Avenue, but her attorneys said no after a deluge of calls from media outlets and District of Columbia police.

"She just wanted to walk outside and somehow it spread like wildfire. The police picked up rumors and wanted to know where she'd be walking, whether there would be crowd control," said a close adviser in daily contact with Lewinsky.

"She's not hiding from the media, but she does want to have some degree of privacy. We would like her to have a little bit of room just like Mr. Starr and Mr. Clinton get. They have room to move around, don't they?"

The adviser commented on condition of not being identified by name.