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Police chief helps California pair renew `ball 'n' chain' vows

Getting hooked to the old ball and chain took on a whole new meaning in this city whose name is synonymous with prison.

A California couple seeking to renew their marriage vows in a novel way redefined the bonds of matrimony in a prisonlike ceremony that couldn't begin until they were arrested.Leavenworth Police Chief Lee Doehring was there to meet them at the Union Pacific Depot, when the couple arrived Friday. He said he was looking for ex-convicts, demanded identification, then took the couple into custody.

"I thought it was a joke at first, but then it wasn't so funny," said Melissa Fujio.

Doehring led them to a community center, where the couple found their marriage-vow renewal ceremony ready to go - with everyone wearing prison garb.

The chief was such a good actor he almost fooled Richard Fujio. "I was in on it," Fujio said, "and (Doehring) was so convincing I started to wonder if this was part of the plan."