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W.V. mobile home burns - and the occupant vanishes

Firefighters weren't sure what caused a mobile home to burn because its owner left before investigators could interview him Saturday.

"The whole thing is suspicious," said Stan Varney, a battalion chief with the West Valley Fire Department. "The occupant left before we could question him."The man, whose name was not released Saturday, received second-degree burns to the face but refused medical treatment - even though "he seemed to be in pain," Varney said.

The man's mobile home, 1298 W. Provo Vista (3635 South), went up in flames about 11:30 a.m. There was an explosion inside the home, but investigators aren't sure if it caused the blaze. The fire may have come before the explosion, Varney said. The blaze caused $25,000 in damage.

A neighbor told firefighters that he gave the man a ride to a nearby grocery store after the fire. The man made a phone call and somebody else picked him up. Investigators hadn't located the man by Saturday evening, Varney said.

Another blaze in Salt Lake City Saturday caused $25,000 in damage, and a man suffered minor smoke inhalation.

The fire started in a shed adjacent to a South Central City home about 3 p.m., said Salt Lake City Fire Capt. Devin Villa. The blaze burned its way up the house and into the attic.

Firefighters doused the flames before they caused much damage to the house, 1611 S. Denver St. (440 East).