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Utah received $34 million in '97 from federal mineral leases

Utah received more than $34 million in mineral revenue in 1997 from mining on federal government land, according to the U.S. Department of Interior Minerals Management Service.

The agency collects, accounts and distributes the revenue associated with mineral leases on federal and Indian land."For the majority of federal lands, states and the federal government share the revenues: 50 percent to the state, 40 percent to the Reclamation Fund for water projects and 10 percent to the U.S. Treasury," said Cynthia Quarterman, director of the Minerals Management Service, in a news release Friday.

The exception to that rule is Alaska, which gets 90 percent of its mineral revenue based on an agreement made when it gained statehood, she said.

"Certain coastal states with federal offshore tracts adjacent to their seaward boundaries receive 27 percent of those mineral royalties as well," Quarterman said.

A record total of $617 million was distributed to 36 states in 1997.