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Winning finalist named for design, construction of Price Building to house U. Fine Arts Museum

The winning finalist for the design and construction of the Marcia and John Price Building to house the new Museum of Fine Arts, University of Utah, is the firm of Machado & Silvetti Associates of Cambridge with Layton Construction and the local firm of Prescott Muir Architects.

The plans, drawings and models of the three finalists will be on display for public viewing at the Val A. Browing Gallery, UMFA, through Sunday, March 1.Frank Sanguinetti, director of the UMFA, said he was very happy with the selection of Machado & Silvetti as the design architects for the new building.

"They have presented a plan that most carefully and precisely follows the program developed for the new museum building by the architect David Robinson, Polshek & Partners," Sanguinetti said.

He praised the winning design for its elegance, simplicity and basic logic of the massing of volumes.