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Utah inventors are awarded 10 patents from U.S. office

Utah inventors were awarded 10 patents by the U.S. Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231. Abstracts and classifications are available at the Marriott Library, University of Utah.

- Christian M. Hansen, Magna, and Kenneth John Stoddard, Roy. A passenger boarding bridge comprising telescoping tunnels. Assigned to FMC Corp., Chicago. Filed Jan. 2, 1996. Patent 5,704,086.- Sean Winterer, Midvale; Chris Dumas, Sandy; Michael Child, Kearns; and David J. McNally, Sandy. Apparatus for selectively controlling flow through one or more tubes of an infusion delivery set. Assigned to Zevex Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed May 10, 1996, a division of application March 27, 1995. Patent 5,704,584.

- David B. Monk, Kaysville; Alan D. Kendrick, Hooper, Weber County, and Mark B. Woodbury, North Salt Lake. A bondable autoignition foil for an air-bag inflation device. Assigned to Morton International Inc., Chicago. Filed May 1, 1996. Patent 5,704,640.

- L. Charles Clark, Salt Lake City. A portable tree swing system. Assigned to Tree Play LLC, Salt Lake City. Filed July 15, 1996. Patent 5,704,669.

- Robert Dee Barson, Hyde Park, and Derik Remmelle West, Logan. A louvered lamp assembly for displaying data. Assigned to Integrated Systems Engineering Inc., Logan. Filed April 10, 1996. Patent 5,704,708.

- S. Ty Measom, Logan. An outdoor gas burner assembly. Assigned to Dutro Co., Emeryville, Calif. Filed July 30, 1996. Patent 5,704,777.

- Stanley J. Checketts, Providence, Cache County. A pneumatic device for accelerating and decelerating objects. Filed Aug. 15, 1996. Patent 5,704,841.

- Scott R. Watterson, William T. Dalebout, Frank Troy Miller, all of Logan; and Timothy Q. Armstrong, Providence. A cabinet treadmill with latch. Assigned to ICON Health & Fitness Inc., Logan. Filed Jan. 30, 1996. Patent 5,704,879.

- Michael L. Loveless and Colleen G. Loveless, both of Price. A filter cleaning system for a vacuum. Filed Feb. 26, 1996. Patent 5,704,956.

- Eric J. Ruff, Robert S. Raymond and Scot Llewelyn, all of Orem. A computer-implemented method for manipulating disk partitions. Assigned to PowerQuest Corp., Orem. Filed Nov. 7, 1995, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,675,769 and application Sept. 27, 1995. Patent 5,706,472.