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Fishing spot of the week: Koosharem Reservoir

DIRECTIONS: Connect with U-89 between Salina and Richfield. Head southeast off U-89 from Sigurd for about 20 miles on U-24. Or, from Richfield take U-119 east of town and link up with U-24.

DESCRIPTION: This is a small, relatively shallow reservoir that most people pass by on their way to Fish Lake or Otter Creek. It is about 250 surface acres when full. Sits at lower elevation with sagebrush and open shoreline. Excellent access in the winter.FISH: Rainbow, cutthroat, brown trout

WHAT WORKS: Try ice flies suspended between four and eight inches below a small flasher. Also can try light ice fly without the flasher because of shallow depths. Tip ice fly with bait, such as wax worm or meal worm or Power Bait. Small plastic jigs or "Dare Devele" spoons also work well when tipped with bait.

DETAILS: Fish typically suspended between 5 and 15 feet. This is a shallow reservoir, so not hard to reach bottom. Try fishing different depths. The blade from a silver spoon without the hook works well as a flasher. Some of the best fishing is around campgrounds and along southern and eatern sides of the dike.

NOTES: Good place to fish because access is good in the winter. Highway is kept open year-round. Also known to produce some nice, chunky rainbow through the ice. Many fish in the two- to five-pound class. Nearby town of Richfield and Salina offer year-round accommodations. Very close to Fish Lake. As ice thaws, look for best fishing around inlets.


Locomotive Springs

Very good for stocked trout. Success has been best when sun is out and there is no wind. Ponds are stocked throughout April. Four fish limit. New gravel road provides excellent access.