AT&T rolled its disaster recovery team into Salt Lake City Sunday for a mock exercise in restoring its local long-distance network.

Fifteen semi tractor-trailers equipped with everything it takes to restart service have taken over part of the parking lot of Hogle Zoo for the exercise, which pretends that the city has been leveled by an earthquake.The drill is one of four the company will conduct this year to ensure the 105-member disaster team is ready for a real catastrophe anywhere in the country. AT&T is the only telecommunications company in the world with the ability to replicate a destroyed network hub within three days.

The drill will include training in cold weather environments, seminars on the psychological aspects of a disaster and a joint exercise with US WEST and Brooks Fiber to give the companies a chance to see how the system works.

AT&T also will give tours to local businesses and elected officials later this week to make them familiar with its disaster recovery equipment.