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A list of bills introduced or passed

Here is a list of bills introduced or passed Monday by the Utah Legislature:

House bills introducedHB372 (Hogue) - Requires a study to identify ways to increase the portability of state and federal funding to people with disabilities.

HB376 (Curtis) - Moves the administration of bail bond sureties from the courts to the insurance department.

HB458 (Fox-Finlinson) - Provides definitions for the New Automobile Franchise Act and outlines regulations for franchisors of recreational vehicles.

Senate bills introduced

SB170 (Poulton) - Amends the legal nature and powers of the Worker's Compensation Fund of Utah.

SB180 (Stephenson) - Creates the private enterprise review commission, which ensures that government isn't competing with private enterprise.

SB193 (Mayne) - Requires professional licensing for talent agencies.

Senate bills passed

SB43 (Waddoups) - Modifies provisions for claims against government entities.

House bills passed

HB227 (Swallow) - Amends state law dealing with special district elections.

HB259 (Allen) - Requires dealers to disclose deficiencies that would cause a vehicle to fail a safety inspection.

HB277 (Allen) - Clarifies reporting requirements of management changes in limited liability companies.

HB290 (Dillree) - Revises educational requirements for licensing as a professional engineer

HB302 (Styler) - Establishes guidelines for conveyance of water rights.

HB323 (Valentine) - Amends laws overseeing limited liability companies.

HCR4 (Killpack) - Urges businesses to adjust work schedules of employees to reduce child care needs.