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Ad firm remodeling historic building

The 1-year-old Phillips Agency, an advertising firm, has purchased a historic building at 70 N. Main and is remodeling the space for its headquarters. The firm previously was located in Murray.

Ted Phillips, president and chief executive officer, formed the company and because of an increase in business he was forced to find more space. He purchased the two-story building that was constructed in 1909 and has 1,500 square-feet each on the two stories and the basement.He also has purchased an adjoining vacant lot that will be saved for future expansion, a parking lot for employees and clients an adjoining three-bay garage and a large patio that will be used for creative meetings and client entertainment.

Originally, the building was the People's State Bank, which later became the Midvale State Bank. In succeeding years it has been a hardware store, a beauty shop with apartments upstairs, an ice cream store and pizza parlor with office suites on the top floor.