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Bateman decides to run for a 4th term as sheriff

Utah County Sheriff Dave Bateman has decided to seek a fourth term.

Bateman said Tuesday he plans to register on the first day he can, March 9, and fight to remain head of the county's public safety department.Bateman was initially appointed to fill out the term vacated by Mack Holley in 1985.

He ran against Scott Carter in 1985 but has been re-elected without opposition the last two terms.

"This will be my first real election," Bateman said.

Two candidates have announced plans to run against the sheriff.

Richard Mack made his intentions public at a Tuesday night dinner in Orem.

Mack is a former sheriff for Graham County, Ariz., and a former Provo police officer.

Doug Witney, an investigator with the county attorney's office, also plans to run.