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S.L. selects 2 companies to design airport growth

Expansion of the Salt Lake International Airport is off and running.

Mayor Deedee Corradini announced Wednesday the selection of the two architectural firms who will design the new terminal and parallel concourses - a significant shift from the existing horseshoe-shaped terminal and concourse structure.The project is the largest the city has ever put out to bid. The design will cost $74 million, Corradini said, with the whole expansion costing $994 million.

HTMB, a Milwaukee firm, will be the master architect. California-based Gensler will be the design architect. Both have wide experience in airport design, but "this is one of the most challenging and exciting projects we have ever done," said Gensler chairman Arthur Gensler.

The airport's first phase will take eight years, with one concourse being completed roughly at the time of the 2002 Winter Games.