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Gun permit is a privilege

I am a law-abiding citizen, I have a license and the possession authorized by my license is lawfully registered. However, the use of my license is restricted. For the safety of others, I must respect laws, rules and guidelines set forth by federal, state, county and city institutions, as well as the expressed wishes of private property holders, regarding when and where I can exercise the privilege extended by my license. If not, I may have that privilege taken away, my license may be revoked.

I am not allowed to drive my car wherever I please simply because I have a driver's license. I must drive within designated areas and follow the rules of the road. I live in a society and must make concessions for the safety of my fellow citizens. This does restrict the use of my license but does not infringe on my rights.I find it arrogant, irresponsible and downright ludicrous that bearers of concealed weapons permits believe their right, granted by their permit, supersedes all other laws, rules and rights of their fellow citizens and established institutions. The fact that the leader of our most popular political party would equate concealed weapons restrictions to racial bigotry reaffirms the perception that we live in a pretty backward state.

Michael Dance

Salt Lake City