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Little Gym now offering classes for children in Am.F.

The Little Gym has opened its second location in Utah County, in conjunction with World Gym in the New World Plaza, 350 E. State St. The first location was on Center Street in Orem.

The Little Gym caters to children ages 4 months to 12 years. Classes run concurrent with World Gym schedules on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. For parents who are members of World Gym, these new classes allows children to attend quality fitness classes at the same time their parents work out.Activities at The Little Gym use an integrated, musical approach to child development. Children can sign up for age-specific, non-competitive classes such as basic fitness, gymnastics and "Parents and Kids." The gym is curriculum-based and says it uses sound academic research. The programs are designed to enhance cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, motor fitness and self-esteem.

The Little Gym of American Fork is the fourth Utah Little Gym. Besides the Orem location, there are two in Salt Lake City. For more information, contact Wallace Harkness at 226-3800.