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Write Social Security number on return, state tax panel says

Don't forget to write your Social Security number on your Utah state tax return, even if you use the mailing label.

Responding to taxpayer privacy concerns, the Utah State Tax Commission this year removed Social Security numbers from the tax booklet mailing labels. But that's caused some new problems."As a result of this change, some people are neglecting to handwrite their Social Security numbers on their returns and others are writing them incorrectly," said Tax Commission spokesperson Janice Perry Gully.

Tax returns without a Social Security number can't be handled by the automated processing system, which causes delays for those taxpayers who are expecting refunds.

To compound the problem, there was a glitch in the Tax Commission computer program designed to accommodate the label change and catch errors in Social Security numbers.

The computer error has been fixed, but not before a small number of refund checks were issued to the wrong individual or had someone other than the taxpayer's spouse listed as the secondary payee, Gully said.

Anyone who receives an improperly issued check should not cash it, but rather should notify the Tax Commission at 297-3870 or 1-800 662-4335.