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Leave the president alone

We all have our reasons for doing the things that we do.

We buy a home to have a place of peace and happiness. We work at the job we choose so that we can pay for the things we want and need. We go to parties because we enjoy being around the people we like. We go to church because we have a desire to establish a place for ourselves in the eternal world. We sometimes consider running for a political office because we think we can make a contribution to our community or nation. We are good to our neighbors because they have always been good to us. And, we can all think of reasons why we do other things.Now, we have a president in our nation's capital who is under fire for certain allegations of sexual misconduct. Whether I voted for him or against him is of no consequence. I had my own reasons. But I wonder which, if any, of the above reasons apply to the people making these allegations.

My question is not whether he is guilty or not, it is merely what are the reasons for the president's accusers' actions.

None of them is running for political positions. There are no charges of rape. So it couldn't be for revenge.

During World War II, our Navy had a small boat that was called the U.S. Destroyer. It was fast and carried large weapons of destruction and was very effective in battle.

Most of these small ships have been scrapped out by now, but we still have in Washington many U.S. Destroyers of a different type. They have millions of dollars that they can pay people to further their causes, whatever they may be. If the price is right, they can get people to say anything to destroy the reputation of any person.

So, I guess we have the answer to their reasons - it is money. Someone has observed, "Money talks, but sometimes it uses awfully bad language."

C. Calvin Campbell