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Ohio inmates view `Con Air' on Pay-Per-View, charge it to jail

Officials weren't too happy that inmates watched "Con Air" at the Cuyahoga County juvenile detention center. Getting a $2.95 Pay-Per-View bill for the movie didn't help either.

Authorities said this week that someone managed to arrange for more than two dozen Pay-Per-View movies in center rooms in recent weeks, including "Face/Off," "Liar, Liar" and "Speed 2: Cruise Control." The county was charged $2.95 per movie and $6.95 for several Playboy TV programs.John Zachariah, juvenile court administrator, said authorities were investigating how Pay-Per-View was added to the basic cable television service.

An inmate claimed to have a relative in the cable business and may have arranged the hookup, Zachariah said. A guard also may have been involved, he said.