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Senate panel backs marshal nominee

The Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday unanimously endorsed the nomination of Salt Lake County Sheriff's Capt. Randall Dean Anders as the new U.S. marshal for Utah.

It now goes to the full Senate for action.Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, said Anderson's "background and practical experience make him a highly qualified candidate for this position."

Clinton - who often criticizes Hatch for not moving faster on judicial nominees - likely can't complain about the quick action that Utahn Anderson received. He was formally nominated only two weeks ago, on Feb. 11.

The endorsement vote came without a formal confirmation hearing. Committee spokeswoman Jeanne Lopatto said are those only rarely held for marshal nominations, which are usually non-controversial.

In a questionnaire for the committee, Anderson wrote, "My law enforcement career spans 25 years, and I have progressed through the ranks to the position of captain. I have commanded a 70-member Detective Division."

He added, "I have a great working relationship with all federal and local law enforcement agencies . . . I have been uniquely involved with the last two Olympic games held in the United States, and I presently serve on the Law Enforcement Planning Committee for the 2002 Olympics in Utah."

Anderson received a bachelor's degree in police science from Weber State University, a master's degree in public administration from Utah State University and is also a graduate of the FBI National Academy.

The U.S. Marshall Service is responsible for providing support and protection for the federal courts, apprehending federal fugitives, operating the Federal Witness Security program, main-tain-ing custody of and transporting federal prisoners and responding to emergency crisis situations.