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USU abandons $14 fee hike

Utah State University, faced with heavy student opposition, has abandoned - at least for the moment - plans to raise student fees $14 a semester for the four years to help buy the Western Medical Surgery Center.

President George Emert said the plan is tabled at least for a year while administrators explore other sources to buy the $3 million building next to Romney Stadium."I would certainly welcome student input during this coming year," Emert said.

Western Medical Inc., which owns the building on land it leases from USU, has agreed to allow the university to buy it in four years.

Administrators decided to turn to student services for $1.5 million, or half the estimated cost, since parts of the building could house a student health center and other student services.

Pat Terrell, vice president for student services, proposed the $14 fee beginning with the fall semester, but it was resoundingly defeated by the University Student Fee Board.

Students on the board blistered the proposal as tapping students already burdened with rising tuition and fees for a long-range project.