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Kudos to helpful stranger

I want to thank, publicly, William Bullock, an employee of Holmes Heating in Lehi, who came to my rescue when I accidentally locked my car door with the keys inside along with my checkbook. I felt helpless. I didn't know what to do. No one at the gas station knew of a place that was qualified to help me nearby. I was unable even to pay for the gas at a local Orem self-serve gas station. I did not think at that time that I should have had insurance to cover this, but who needs help driving just locally?

"Willie" has restored my faith in strangers in this tabloid world of today. My closest family and I left home at the same time. Employees were so busy they could not help, though the man did try to find a coat hanger, evidently used by others besides my husband. Willie was the only one who said, "I think I can help you."In 20 minutes or so (which seemed longer, Feb. 3) he gave up most of his lunch hour and used innovation, inventiveness, skill and genius to finally open that door. He found wire and metal, evidently in his business truck. I went with him through the agony of failure after failure until he finally made it.

Tears came to my eyes and rolled down my cheeks as he worked so hard, never giving up. He did not say to me, "I'm sorry, you'll have to get someone else; I just can't do it." But instead he said, "I don't want your money and won't take it even if you give it to me," when I told him I would pay him for his time. (I knew how valuable his time was.)

This was the windiest, coldest day of the winter for me, but my heart was warmed by this Christ-like caring I received.

Olive C. Clayton