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Don't link adult and filth

I've never written a letter to the editor before, but something is burning under my collar, and after speaking to many others about it, find that they agree. It's about the use of the word "adult." We think in a lot of cases, it is misused.

"Adult movies," "adult magazines," "adult bars," "adult TV," "adult entertainment," etc.It makes us feel ashamed to be called adults and is giving the wrong impression to the younger people that "adult" means they can watch or read or whatever porno and other filth. Why don't they use the correct words for such things and say "filthy movies, filthy books," etc., and stop insulting adults.

By the time a person is an adult, he or she should know better than to engage in this filth. Instead, we teach youngsters that when you are an adult, you can embrace filth and that's what "adult" stands for.

If they were labeled for what they are, perhaps the kids wouldn't be so anxious to get involved.

Verga Mock