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Rate proposal is humorous

Your Feb. 20 editorial about Questar's rate proposal (HB180) made me chuckle. The editorial has merit, I agree. However, let me remind your readers about the Rural Electrification Act.

I may be wrong, but I'm of the understanding that taxpayers (you and I) paid the whole bill for the electric transmission and service lines. I give credit to the residents of Panguitch and Questar Gas Co. for working out a participatory arrangement for natural gas to the Panguitch area. Perhaps the bill should be amended to return to Utahns some of the rich rewards the residents of Panguitch will provide to Questar Gas Co.Further amusement, in the same vein, was provided by the Feb. 20 front page story, wherein Sen. Bennett and Rep. Cook urged that all Americans should help Utah fund the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. (P.S. I'm more concerned about a warm house than I am about a game.)

Earl Garfield