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Kearns homeowner escapes early morning bedroom fire

Salt Lake County fire investigators are looking into the cause of a Friday morning house fire that left homeowner Brad Greenwood with a soot-blackened face and singed hair.

The fire broke out at 6:50 a.m. in the bedroom of Greenwood's home, 4787 S. 4000 West, Salt Lake County Fire Capt. Bill Brass said. Greenwood tried to put the fire out himself, but couldn't and dialed 911.Firefighters found the upper portion of the two-story home filled with smoke, with flames in the bedroom. The fire was out after about 20 minutes, Brass said.

Greenwood was not seriously injured and was treated and released at the scene Brass said. Initial damage estimates to the home are $35,000, but Brass said he expects them to go higher.

No cause has been determined for the fire yet, Brass said.