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Former city worker arrested after rampage in Colorado

A former municipal worker was arrested early Friday after he allegedly went on a rampage with a front-end loader, bashing holes in the water treatment plant, town hall, post office and fire station before setting fire to his own house.

When the 41/2-hour onslaught was all over early Friday in this small mountain town, authorities also found the body of a shooting victim inside the town hall.Water from the damaged water plant flowed over the roads, icing them over and forcing authorities to shut off water service.

The man then used the vehicle to ram holes in the walls of the other government buildings before setting the house afire, said Susie Shanks, a sheriff's department spokeswoman. The house, believed to be the suspect's residence, burned to the ground.

The suspect, identified as 50-year-old Thomas Leask, abandoned the front-end loader at the scene of the fire and ran into the woods nearby, where he was apprehended.