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Trial video shows pro golfer's withered leg

Casey Martin spoke calmly on the video as he peeled back support stockings to reveal a leg withered by a rare circulatory disorder into a pale stick covered with bulging veins.

"It's so painful to walk," Martin said in the video, played Monday as trial opened in U.S. District Court, where he is suing for the right to ride a cart in professional golf tournaments."You can see how it's just bone and skin," he said.

"There are good days and bad days. Some days I make it through. Some days, it's a nightmare."

Martin's lawsuit has generated a national debate on whether the PGA Tour must make accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act by allowing him to ride a cart when everyone else must walk.

Given the chance to ride a cart on the second-tier Nike Tour pending the outcome of this trial, Martin last month won the Lakeland (Fla.) Classic and quickly was embraced by the public for his underdog battle against a tradition-laden sport.

Martin's attorney, Martha Walters, said in her opening statement that the only moral thing to do is to allow Martin to ride, referring to an old PGA Tour slogan that proclaims "Anything's possible."

"Use of a cart is not only possible, it is reasonable, it is required and it is right," Walters said.

PGA Tour attorney William Maledon said in his opening statement that the real issue is whether the tour can maintain a rule that has stood from the beginning of golf - players in the highest levels of competition walk the course as part of the test of their skills.

"The central issue is whether or not what is being asked of the court will fundamentally alter competition," Maledon said.