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Bills introduced Monday in Utah Legislature

Here is a list of bills introduced Monday by the Utah Legislature.

House billsHB115 (Stephens) - Penalizes primary telecommunication provider for not providing interconnective services with competitors.

HB128 (Short) - Modifies requirements of public construction contractors.

HB130 (Tyler) - Adds crystal iodine to list of regulated drug precursors; limits possession of other precursors.

HB150 (Seitz) - Allows rural counties to impose a sales tax for long-term care facilities.

HB158 (Swallow) - Amends voter registration laws.

HB159 (Valentine) - Carves an exemption to workers' compensation for independent insurance agents.

HB300 (Alexander) - Requires Department of Public Safety to turn over to state Office of Education material gleaned in teacher background checks.

HB306 (Ure) - Amends capital homicide sentencing statutes to require a jury to hear penalty phase.

HB307 (Saunders) - Regulates use of vehicles that have been impounded.

HB308 (Chard) - Amends and clarifies classifications of peace officers.

HB309 (Arent) - Amends Utah controlled substances act to conform with federal code.

HB310 (Holladay) - Creates new crime of wrongful appropriation.

HB312 (Walsh) - Clarifies statutes dealing with carrying firearms in vehicles.

HB313 (Haymond) - Expands abilities of chiropractors.

HB316 (Allen) - Sunsets aeronautic com-mit-tee.

HB317 (Barth) - Amends criminal procedures regarding notification of opposing counsel regarding expert testimony.

HB323 (Valentine) - Amends laws overseeing limited liability companies.

HB330 (Brown) - Establishes a state Capital preservation board.

HB338 (Adair) - Gives Division of Facilities and Construction Management flexibility when bids exceed funds on some construction projects.

HB340 (Arrington) - Repeals term limits.

HB342 (Chard) - Creates pilot program for Internet voting.

HB346 (Jones) - Amends child-care licensing provisions.

Senate bills

SB47 (Nielson) -- Establishes a tax credit for research and development firms.

SB71 (Myrin) - Extends severance tax credit for oil and gas well recompletions and workovers until Dec. 31, 2004.

SB141 (Waddoups) - Excludes people with a valid concealed weapons permit from having to undergo background check when purchasing a handgun.

SB154 (Mayne) - Requires elected officials to report contributions and disbursements of money in special funds.

SJR3 (Taylor) - Amends Constitution to allow the governor to reject judicial candidates.