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Green river motel patron robs clerk, flees in her car

A motel clerk was bound, gagged and threatened by a patron, who then forced the woman to give him all the money in the motel cash register Tuesday.

The thief then stole the clerk's car to get away.The woman was working the front desk of the Roadway Inn about 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, when the patron came into the office and threatened her with a club before tying up her hands and feet and gagging her mouth, Emery County Sheriff Lamar E. Guymon said.

The man, who was a guest at the motel, talked to the woman for about 30 minutes before untying her and forcing her to open the cash register. He took about $300, then tied her up again before taking the keys to the clerk's white Jeep Cherokee and leaving the motel.

The clerk was discovered at 2:10 a.m. by the driver of a Greyhound Bus, making his regular nightly stop at the motel.

The man is described as in his late 30s, 5-feet-10-inches tall, with a light complexion, dark hair and a day-old beard. He had registered as a guest at the motel on Monday and said he was from Mississippi, but police believe he registered with a false name and address, Guymon said.

Detectives are following several leads as to the man's destination. The leads are based on things he told the clerk while she was tied up but so far have not located him, Guymon said.