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Woman flees kidnapper when he stops at red light

A woman escaped a kidnapper by jumping out of his truck when it stopped for a red light Monday.

The assailant forced the woman, 18, into his truck at about 4700 South and 3200 West. The woman was waiting for a bus when the man pulled up in a dark blue compact pickup about 2 p.m., said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Lt. Mike Wardle.He offered her a ride and became angry when the woman re-fused to get in.

"At that point, he gets out of the truck, walks over to the bus bench and grabs the woman by the arm," Wardle said. "She was kicking and screaming while he forced her into the truck."

The assailant continued driving east on 4700 South with the woman. He stopped for a traffic light on about 1000 West and she jumped from the truck. She ran into a business and called police. The man didn't try to chase her and drove away, Wardle said.

"He didn't assault her other than when he grabbed her by the arm," Wardle said. "Right now, we're investigating it as an attempted kidnapping."

The man told the woman "his name was Todd and that he would like to get to know her better," Wardle said.

Deputies were looking for an 1980s model compact pickup Monday night. The man is in his mid-30s and has a beard and a mustache, according to the description the woman gave police. He was wearing green sweat pants, a grey sweat shirt and a blue baseball hat.