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Police officer's daughter calls impersonator's bluff

The daughter of a Salt Lake police officer helped authorities identify a man trying to impersonate a police officer early Saturday.

The man approached three teenage girls at a house about 12:15 a.m., saying he was an undercover officer with the sheriff's office of alcohol enforcement, said Salt Lake County deputy Peggy Faulkner. He told the girls he wanted to search their car.However, one girl, the daughter of a Salt Lake police lieutenant, asked to see the man's police identification. When the man failed to produce any, the girls jumped in their car and drove away.

He followed the girls for a few blocks until they drove to a friend's house and called police.

The girls provided Salt Lake County sheriff's officers a description of the man and his license-plate number, Faulkner said. Adult Parole and Probation officers identified the suspect and contacted him at his residence.

He was subsequently taken to a police station, where one girl identified him.

Jason Scott Myers, 20, was later booked into the Salt Lake County Jail for investigation of impersonating a police officer. Myers had been on probation for a December 1996 robbery conviction, said Utah State Prison spokesman Jack Ford.