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`Titanic' is likely a classic

I am usually not one to write a letter to the editor, but after reading Chris Hicks' entertainment column (Jan. 23) on the movie "Titanic," I couldn't restrain myself. Throughout the years, I have used his movie reviews to guide my own movie watching since I have little time and money to waste. As opposed to most movie critics, Hicks and I seem to have similar taste in the number of stars we rate a movie and the reasons we like or dislike it. I find myself constantly defending his reviews with friends and family. And I will definitely miss his reviews.

Until "Titanic," the last time I attended the same movie in a theater more than once within a few weeks was "Raiders of the Lost Ark." To me that was a classic, along with "Citizen Kane," "Ben Hur," "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Star Wars."What constitutes a "classic"? Is it the writing, the appeal of the actors, the music, whether it is black and white or color (I will not watch a colorized version of a black and white film), the cinematography, the message or moral, the box office receipts, the movie budget, the age or the length of the film?

Is "Titanic" at best a three-star "good" movie? So is "Liar, Liar." Is it a perfect movie? No. Is it a spectacle? Yes. Is it a classic? I think so. But what do I know, I'm just a regular moviegoer. Perhaps only the test of time will tell.

Robert Graham

West Jordan