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Security is the main event

Police on Tuesday tightened their already heavy security for the Olympic Games after a rocket attack at Tokyo's main international airport.

The homemade rockets were launched as thousands of foreign athletes, officials and spectators streamed through the airport on their way to Nagano for the Games, which start Saturday.Police have no evidence that the rocket attack Monday night, which slightly injured an airport worker, was aimed at disrupting the flow of people to Nagano, airport spokesman Fujio Takahashi said.

And while no one has claimed responsibility for the attack at the airport 40 miles east of Tokyo, officials suspect it was carried out by leftist radicals opposed to construction of a second runway at Narita.

Several radical groups have long opposed the airport because they believe it could be used for military purposes.

Two of the rockets exploded in a paved area near hangars for cargo planes, and a third was found intact nearby, Kyodo News reported. The recovered projectile, similar to a trench mortar, measured about 10 inches long and 2 inches wide, Kyodo said.

Asata Hara, director of security operations for the Nagano Olympic Organizing Committee (NAOC), said stricter checks at Olympic venues would be instituted.

Although no link has been established to the Olympics, Monday's rocket attack deeply embarrassed the Japanese government.