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Lewinsky reunites with dad, gets little relief from media

A tearful Monica Lewinsky began her homecoming by giving her father a long bear hug in full view of a media circus that she has tried to avoid for two weeks.

A crush of reporters and photographers looked on as she jumped out of a car Tuesday and hugged her father, Dr. Bernard Lewinsky, for 10 seconds in front of her Brentwood home. Lewinsky didn't speak to reporters but allowed photographers to take her picture."She's going to have some R and R with her father," Lewinsky's lawyer, William Ginsburg, told reporters.

She then went inside her father's house along with Ginsburg and others. Ginsburg had said Lewinsky wanted to come home so she could avoid the circuslike atmosphere of Washington, where a grand jury is investigating her relationship with President Clinton.

Los Angeles didn't seem to offer much relief.

In the midst of the first major El Nino storm, Lewinsky arrived at Los Angeles International Airport from Washington.

Dozens of photographers pressed their camera lenses against the terminal's rain-streaked windows to capture her arrival, which was carefully orchestrated to keep her away from the media.

The 24-year-old woman and her lawyer left the plane through a special door and were driven away from the plane.

Another crowd of reporters staked out at her father's house. The modern home - not far from Nicole Brown Simpson's condo - was guarded by police.