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Bob Russell, TV host and entertainer, dies

Bob Russell, star of several 1940s and '50s television shows, co-creator of the popular game show "Name That Tune" and one of the creators of the Miss America TV extravaganza, died Jan 24. He was 90.

In the 1940s and '50s, Russell had a major presence in early television. He was the host or a star of several programs, including "Yours for a Song," "Stand Up and Be Counted," "Bonnie Maid's Versatile Vanities," "Live Like a Millionaire," and "Your Pet Parade."Russell was host of Miss America from 1940 through the first televised pageant in 1954, when it was watched by 27 million people. He recommended his friend Bert Parks to take over as host the next year. Russell originally rejected the tune "Here She Comes, Miss America" as the show's theme, in favor of two of his own songs. The song later became the musical signature for Parks and the pageant.