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Tickets to Passover services going on sale Feb. 17 at BYU

This year's Passover services at Brigham Young University are scheduled for March 20, 21, 25 and 28 and April 8, 11, 15 and 16.

Tickets will go on sale Tuesday, Feb. 17, and are $20 for the public and $15 for BYU students, faculty and staff. Tickets will be sold in 271 Joseph Smith Building. For more information, call 378-8325.Victor L. Ludlow, a specialist in Jewish studies, has hosted the Passover celebration for more than 20 years at BYU to literally thousands of participants.

The Passover celebration will include the unleavened bread, bitter herbs and other Passover traditions. A special catered meal and commentary by Ludlow will also be included.