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Tiny firms get their dream office

Home business owners, corporate visitors and traveling sales people take note: you can have the office of your dreams and rarely set foot in it.

If you have a home business but don't want to meet clients in your home, you can rent a fully-furnished, upscale office for just an hour or a day.

If you can't afford a receptionist, Your Office USA will answer the phones for you.

If you need a conference room, need to receive faxes or need to have access to a mail room, Your Office USA can help.

The business center for businesses offers small and home-based businesses a new way to work. The Orem company, which opened last month, is the first of its kind in the state.

"By the hour, day or month, we provide cost effective and efficient support for businesses as they need it, when they need it" owner Scott Bennett said. "Our concept focuses on helping the home office businessperson look, act and operate like big business."

The company can even provide client networking and concierge services. "Our desire is to provide any type of service as long as it is moral and ethical," he said.

"There is a real need here," Bennett said, adding that Utah County is among the top 10 areas in the country with the most home businesses per capita.

The cost range for their services are as low as $25 per month and topping out around $2,000 for the largest permanent office with all the amenities and services.

Your Office USA is based in San Diego and is part of Your Office International. The international group started 10 years ago and now ranks as Europe's No. 1 franchiser of full service business centers, with headquarters in Germany.

Bennett said he spotted franchise information about the company in an advertisement in the Deseret News and acted on it. The Orem store is located on the second floor of the new Bank of American Fork building, 1282 S. 800 East.

If you don't need office space, but just a mail box, voice mail or phone line, you can get all three for about $25 per month, Bennett said. That is particularly helpful to people who need a professional secretary to answer the business phone but don't have the employee. However, it is the high-tech amenities that make Your Office USA services somewhat unique. When the phone rings, their computers tell the receptionist what business is being called so she can answer appropriately.

High-tech services the company offers include: Web page design, custom computer presentations, desktop publishing, computer rental, high-speed Internet access, private e-mail addresses, daily/hourly workstations; color printers, digital scanners, video conferencing, marketing, advertising and public relations support.

For more information about Your Office USA call 714-2800, or visit their home page at (