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Actor Baldwin arrested a day after hotel incident

Actor Daniel Baldwin was arrested on drug charges a day after reportedly going on drug-crazed rampage that left him hospitalized.

Baldwin was charged at his hospital bed Tuesday night with criminal possession of a controlled substance as well as drug paraphernalia. If convicted of the two charges, he faces up to two years in prison.The actor's condition was upgraded Tuesday night from critical to stable, said Brice Peyre, a spokesman for St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital.

Asked earlier whether his brother might need help for a drug problem, Billy Baldwin said only: "That's my family's business, quite honestly."

He denied newspaper reports that Daniel, 37, a former cast member of the TV show "Homicide," had trashed his suite at the posh Plaza Hotel and was naked and bleeding when police arrived.

"I did speak to a police officer . . . and he said to me that there certainly was no rampage and his hotel room was not trashed," he said.

Baldwin was rushed to the hospital after suffering a cocaine overdose Monday, police sources told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.