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Woman said she'd kill rival again, Navy cadet testifies

Diane Zamora not only admitted she ordered the murder of a romantic rival but said she'd do it again because the victim "deserved it," a Naval Academy colleague testified.

Jay Guild, who befriended Zamora at the academy, said they discussed the murder of Adrianne Jones several times in 1996. Zamora and ex-fiance David Graham are accused of killing Jones because he had sex with the 16-year-old girl."Diane said she thought Adrianne should die because she took something she knew did not belong to her," Guild testified Tuesday. "She said she would have done it again."

Prosecutors say Zamora hit Jones over the head with a dumbbell weight and ordered Graham to finish her off by shooting her.

Under prosecution questioning, Guild said Zamora had admitted to ordering the Dec. 4, 1995, killing.

"One day I asked her what she would do if anyone cheated on her. At first, she told me she shouldn't tell me because I would have to follow the honor code," Guild said. "Later, she said, `If you really want to know, I told him to kill her.' "

When Guild asked if she was remorseful about the killing, he said Zamora replied: "She deserved it. It was something that had to be done."

The trial was to resume Wednesday.