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Lawmaker isn't giving up on English-only proposal

The move to declare English as Utah's official language apparently is still alive.

Rep. Tammy Rowan, R-Orem, told the Senate Education Committee Thursday she intends to revisit the issue this session to see an "honorary-type bill."Rowan said Utah has an official fish, cooking pot and fruit - and she wants to make a language declaration in that spirit.

The issue would again be at the mercy of Rowan's House colleagues, who would have to agree to any substitution in the bill. HB189 was defeated Tuesday in a 6-3 committee vote.

Rowan said if she is not successful in this measure, she'll likely bring the former bill back next session.

The chairman of the Senate Education Committee, Lorin Jones, R-Veyo, said "I think it's necessary we do that. I've received a lot of mail about this issue. It seems to me immigrants who come into this country need English for economic reasons, if for no other reason."