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Murray mess is nonsense

This "non-issue" of non-Murray residents working for the city of Murray is nonsense. I did not realize that the cultural diversity was that great between the greater metro Salt Lake area and Murray. Since when did Murray residents have a mandate to shop only within Murray? Nice try, City Council. But you have shown your gross inept intelligence on center stage for the entire metro area to laugh at.

Perhaps the next City Council meeting should include a mandate forcing all Murray employees to spend their hard-earned money within the city limits. Perhaps they should even coin their own money and pay Murray employees with a Murray city script that is only redeemable within Murray. Perhaps the City Council should install a fence around Murray to keep the other metro infidels out.Perhaps other cities should draft similar laws making it illegal for their cities and towns to purchase cars in Murray.

Perhaps the City Council can begin showing some intelligence and let Mayor Dan Snarr do his job. He is capable of teaching the City Council a little tolerance about the big bad metro world outside the Murray boundaries. The Murray City Council shows lack of leadership and creative ineptness. They should look to Mayor Snarr like a beacon. He seems to be the only level-headed person in Murray leadership. There is a wealth of talent and opportunity that the City Council needs to be introduced to. I am certain that Mayor Snarr will protect them during their learning curve.

Good luck, Mayor Snarr.

J.R. Beck