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W.V. using 2,002 pins to hail 2002 Olympics

2002 Olympics. 2,002 Olympic pins for 2,002 West Valley residents.

Sort of adds up, doesn't it?At any rate, the West Valley City Council will unveil a limited edition Olympics pin Thursday night to celebrate the city's participation in the upcoming Winter Games four years hence.

And then some of the pins will be given away.

The colorful pin depicts a hockey stick and puck, the new E Center and the Olympic logo below the words Salt Lake 2002.

City residents who turn out for the 7 p.m. unveiling ceremony in the council chambers - it will be part of the regular Thursday council meeting - will receive a pin just for attending the event.

After the first U.S. gold medalist is known, 100 pins will be given to the first 100 people contacting the city with the name of the winner.

All remaining pins also will be given away, said city spokesman Ed Quinlan, but there will be a price: West Valley residents will have to obtain a trivia questionnaire from City Hall and fill that out first.

"This will be unique because only 2,002 have been made,"

Quinlan said. "We know there are a lot of people out there who are avid pin collectors."

West Valley officials said the unveiling ceremony will be the first in a series of city-sponsored events and activities intended to build community interest in the 2002 Winter Olympics.

"We hope our residents will unite just as the world unites during the Nagano Games," said Mayor Gearld Wright.

There will be a brief open house before the council meeting that will feature a Utah Grizzlies hockey player, figure skater Cynthia Ruiz of West Valley City and about 20 other young local hockey players and ice skaters.