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Lobo prez calls foul for rap on refs

University of New Mexico president Richard Peck says Western Athletic Conference commissioner Karl Benson made a mistake when he criticized officiating after the Lobos' basketball game against Utah.

Benson indicated in a letter that a foul should have been called on New Mexico during a key moment in the game Sunday. Benson said he was inundated by complaints from fans."A foul should have been called," Benson told the Albuquerque Journal.

The play in question was made Sunday by Royce Olney with just over a minute left and the Utes leading 73-69 in Albuquerque. Some people said Olney got away with a foul against Utah's Andre Miller.

Miller and Olney collided in the Utes' backcourt, and Miller went to the floor. Olney grabbed the loose ball and made a 3-pointer that keyed the Lobos' 77-74 win over the then-unbeaten, third-ranked Utes.

Peck said Benson's remarks were "an open invitation to fans throughout the WAC to engage you in critiques of officials at any time they do not agree with calls."

Peck said some uncalled fouls also favored the Utes in Sunday's game.