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Barbershop group offers valentines with sweet sounds

Looking for an unusual valentine?

The Utah Valley Skyline Barbershop Chorus has several quartets prepared to deliver singing valentines throughout Utah Valley, Friday, Feb. 13, and Saturday, Feb. 14.They will deliver two songs, a card and a fresh rose to your sweetheart at home, work, school, a restaurant - or wherever. Individual quartets may be contacted at the following numbers: Four All Intents and Purposes (Josh at 345-1607 or 377-1649); The Stylists (Darrell at 756-8695 or 785-3583); State Street Sound Emporium (Lee at 223-4808); Sound Accord (Doug at 756-6950); Pleasant Aires (Bart at 785-5536 or 224-1312).

Prices start at $25. Availability varies during both days.