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Kidnap attempt generates 30 calls to W. Jordan police

Detectives from the West Jordan police department are following up information from more than 30 phone calls received since the attempted abduction of a 35-year-old woman during her morning walk in the neighborhood at 3800 W. 7800 South on Jan. 30.

Police believe the would-be abductor also is responsible for the Dec. 15, 1997, abduction and sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl who was delivering her newspaper route on Sugar Place Road (8145 South), West Jordan Police Lt. David Eyre said."Because of the closeness of the composites, we are all sort of thinking it's the same guy," Eyre said."

The suspect in the Jan. 30 incident is described as a man in his 30s, between 5-foot-8 and 5-foot-11, 150 pounds, brown hair and a dark, bushy moustache. He has a light complexion and was wearing a dark knit cap, dark jeans and a dark denim jacket, according to the victim's description.

The victim from the December incident described the suspect in nearly identical terms.

Police are also looking for a gray, older model Chevrolet Celebrity that the suspect may have been driving, Eyre said.

In last week's incident, the suspect appeared from behind a van parked in a driveway and approached the woman at about 5:30 a.m. She told police she started screaming and he grabbed her and told her to be quiet. She resisted, and continued to scream. The suspect ran away, Eyre said.

The victim of the December incident was not so lucky. The suspect threatened the young girl with a knife at 5:45 a.m. in front of a residence at 2369 Sugar Place Road and forced her to go with him to a wooded area, along a nearby canal, where he sexually assaulted her. She later ran to a neighbor's home and called her parents, who called police, Eyre said.

Anyone with information about either incident, or who may have seen the gray vehicle, should contact the West Jordan police at 569-5270, Eyre said.