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Measure would prevent sale of guns to domestic abusers

A Senate committee is considering legislation that would re-enforce federal law preventing the sale of handguns to domestic violence abusers.

Utah Attorney General Jan Graham has asked the Senate Transportation and Public Safety Committee to amend an existing bill to ensure that persons with protective orders placed against them are not permitted to buy handguns.Graham seeks to avoid a situation where a proven abuser buys a gun and injures or kills a spouse, children or themselves.

Emmaree Ravnikar, who lost her best friend to a similar situation, testified before the committee Thursday. Graham said Ravnikar's friend was killed when the woman's husband, who had a protective order issued against him, was sold a handgun and then killed his wife and himself an hour later.

The committee held SB141 for further discussion. The main text of the bill excludes those who already hold a gun permit from having to undergo background checks before buying a gun.