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Film review: Project S

Before "Tomorrow Never Dies," Michelle Yeoh's most famous role was playing that of Chinese Red Army soldier Yang Hua in the 1993 Jackie Chan action-thriller "Supercop." She again played Hua in an unofficial sequel, "Project S," which is actually better than its predecessor.

In it, Hua must stop a gang of criminals from robbing one of China's largest banks, with help from Hong Kong detectives Ming (Dick Wei) and Lung (Fan Sui Wong).

But the crooks are being led by Hua's old boyfriend Feng (Yu Rong Guang), which leads to a unique ethical dilemma for her — whether to let Feng escape or help Ming, who is obviously smitten with her.

Director Stanley Tong, who also helmed "Supercop," really lets Yeoh cut loose here for some great fight scenes (including a hand-to-hand combat sequence between the diminutive star and a 7-foot-tall opponent!).

The film also features cameos by Yeoh's "Supercop" co-stars Chan (in drag!) and Bill Tung, though the comedic scenes detract from the otherwise tense proceedings.

"Project S" is not rated but would probably receive a PG-13 for violent martial arts and gun fights, profanity, gore, vulgar gags and brief glimpses of nude photos.