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What didn't Jones say?

In general, David Jones did a fair job in his response to Gov. Mike Leavitt's State of the State speech. Jones looked relaxed and spoke clearly, etc. It was the areas where he wasn't totally honest that has bothered me, and nobody else has brought it out, so after all this time I thought I would. It is the show-and-tell "victim" of the I-15 construction that was a little bit of a misrepresentation. The man he showed was Larry (don't know his last name). It is probably true that his Midvale Texaco station has been hurt, but the untold part of the story is that Larry has a couple of other stations, in other locations.

He may be struggling, but I think the untold part would have killed the story, so Jones didn't tell it. (A little omission that makes a big difference.) It is the normal way Democrats tell their stories. I also have every reason to believe the story he told about the team of horses was in error, also. The small horse wasn't really a horse at all, it was a Democrat donkey, and it was just too stubborn to work with.Neldon B. Jensen

Salt Lake City