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AJACCIO - Corsica's most senior government official was shot dead in the street by unidentified gunmen in Ajaccio, police said.


MONTREAL - One month after an ice storm devastated a large part of Quebec's electricity grid, power was restored Friday to the French-speaking Canadian province's last few hundred blackout victims.


MEXICO CITY - A leading member of Mexico's ruling party said he had resigned and was calling for an alliance of opposition parties to contest this year's gubernatorial polls in the state of Zacatecas.


VIENNA - President Thomas Klestil, embroiled in an embarrassing affair about his income, denied he had applied for a civil service pension on top of his generous salary as head of state.


VILNIUS - Prosecutors filed charges of genocide against alleged Nazi war criminal Aleksandras Lileikis, who fled Lithuania in 1944.


BUDAPEST - The Hungarian Cabinet has agreed to support building a dam with Slovakia on the Danube River, a project stalled for decades by politics and environmental concerns.


PARIS - Leftist lawmakers amended a government plan to boost employment by cutting the length of the work week, proposing instead that the 39-hour week remain but that companies give employees extra days off.

South Africa

CAPE TOWN - President Nelson Mandela called on South Africans to bury apartheid's wounds and become better citizens, in a speech criticized by white leaders as lacking vision.


BOGOTA - Marxist guerrillas killed at least one civilian and eight policemen on a rural highway in northeast Colombia a day after Pope John Paul urged Colombians to end blood-shed plaguing their country.


PANAMA CITY - Greenpeace activists sneaked on board a freighter carrying radioactive nuclear waste through the Panama Canal and chained themselves to its mast but failed to stop its transit, officials and witnesses said.


STOCKHOLM - A feature film about the still unsolved murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme will get its world premiere in Sweden next month - as long as an actor's threatened legal action does not block it.


MINSK - The security chief of Belarus was quoted as accusing neighboring Poland of aggressively expanding its spying operations in the former Soviet republic.


MOSCOW (AP) - Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin ordered the government to give back hundreds of objects confiscated from the Russian Orthodox Church during Soviet rule, a news agency said.

Sierra Leone

FREETOWN - Panicked civilians fled the streets of Sierra Leone's capital after fighting broke out between West African peacekeepers and forces of the military regime they are trying to drive from power.


SARAJEVO - Sarajevo police arrested two Bosnian Serbs on Friday and said one of them is suspected of killing a deputy prime minister at a Serb roadblock during the wartime siege of the city.