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New Weber master plan limits number of homes

The Weber County Commission has approved a new master plan that severely restricts the number of homes and lot sizes in Ogden Valley.

Under the new plan, lots outside of existing residential areas that need a septic tank will have to be at least three acres instead of one.Commissioners also are requiring the total number of homes in the Ogden Valley not exceed 6,200 - 3,900 more than are already there or approved for construction.

The new plan, approved Thursday, is a major change from rules adopted in 1985. Those plans would have allowed 10,300 homes, 4,100 more than the new plan, and would have allowed them to be much closer together.

The plan also restricts building along streams and lakes, commits the county to preserving the quality of the valley's ground water, and op-poses widening any of the roads serving the valley.