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Stray puppies better off being killed than living in misery, Bardot says

Former screen star Brigitte Bardot, who has dedicated herself to animal protection, said Friday that stray puppies should be killed rather than letting them live in misery.

"If I, who love animals so much, tell you this; it means I believe it is a bigger crime to leave them alive to torment themselves in a miserable life than killing them after birth," Bardot said during an animal sterilization conference.The two-day conference kicked off an effort to sterilize 190 dogs a day in Bucharest, where authorities estimate more than 100,000 dogs roam free.

Bucharest Mayor Viorel Lis said the city is offering land where shelters can be set up to house almost 10,000 animals and the veterinarians could perform sterilizations.

The French actress said her organization, Foundation Brigitte Bardot, plans to donate about a ton of supplies and medicine.