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Albertsons to build in Clinton

Albertsons, one of the nation's largest grocery store chains, will be the anchor for the city's new retail center. The new store likely will include an Albertsons feature that's unique to Utah - an accompanying gas station.

Scott Brubaker, managing partner for Salt Lake City's Smith-Brubaker development company, confirmed Albertsons has signed to build in Clinton on his site on the northwest corner of 2000 West and 1800 North.In addition, Brubaker said Albertsons may build an accompanying gas station/convenience store on the site.

Albertsons spokeswoman Jenny Enochson in Boise said new stores may include the gas station addition. She said the company already has one prototype of such a store; it opened last fall in Eagle, Idaho, northeast of Boise.

She said the gas station, called Albertsons Express, would be built on the street side of the property. It offers top-quality, unbranded gasoline and may also include a convenience store.

"We're not the first grocery chain to do this," Enochson said. "But it's very popular in Eagle."

Brubaker expects construction to begin this summer, with completion at the end of this year or early 1999.

That's great news for this community of 12,000 residents. Currently its only retail development is a Maverik Country Store.

Brubaker owns 32 acres at the Clinton site and expects to develop it in a mixed-use style over the next three years.

Brubaker said a combined City Council-Planning Commission meeting on March 3 will focus on that mixed-use plan.

He said First Security Bank has an option to build inside Albert-sons or on an adjacent pad. The bank is located nearby at 2097 W. 1800 North in an older building.

Some other small retail stores are also possible. For example, he said a national video store has expressed an interest in the site.

Also planned are some offices, some multifamily housing and some small residential lots.

Brubaker said the later office projects would buffer the initial retail development.

He's also considering a prairie-style building theme for the entire development. The architectural style would be unique in the city.

"We want a theme that would be fun," he said.